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Experienced FELA Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Injured Railroad Workers Throughout Texas

Have you been seriously injured while on the job with the railroad? You may be entitled to benefits and compensation under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), but neglecting to follow proper procedures or not being aware of your full rights could complicate or otherwise unnecessarily delay your claim. An attorney experienced in handling FELA and railroad injury cases can help you navigate this tricky legal landscape.

If you're a relative or friend grieving the loss of a railroad worker whose serious work injury resulted in a wrongful death, we’d like to speak with you. We welcome the opportunity to advocate against those who caused this tragedy and obtain compensation for you.

The Hart Law Firm Puts Your Interests First

Unlike most workers, injured railroad employees are not covered by workers' compensation laws. If you're a railroader who has been injured on the job, you must show negligence on the part of your employer under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) in order to be eligible for compensation.

At The Hart Law Firm, our national reputation is for putting you—our client—first. The same goes for your FELA claim. Our attorneys know how to properly and persuasively represent these cases. We work with investigators and forensic specialists on your behalf, collecting evidence and documenting the causes of your accident while attempting to prove negligence on the part of your employer.

If You’ve Been Injured, Be Sure to Take These 9 Steps to Protect Your FELA Claim

Our railroad claims representation experience includes cases brought against Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, and other major railroad companies. We know how to fend off a wide range of typical company tactics, such as blame-shifting and confusion. Our proven skills and technical resources put employers on the defensive and place the burden of proof on them.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A FELA Attorney

Before hiring an attorney to handle your FELA compensation claim, you first want to make sure that they have experience handling these types of claims. Here are some questions to consider asking any attorney you’re considering hiring:

  • Ask the attorney whether their initial consultation is free. Almost all FELA attorneys will provide a free initial consultation. If an attorney will not agree to meet with you for free, you should find one who will.
  • Ask the attorney what experience the firm has in handling FELA claims. Ask the attorney what types of jury verdicts and settlements they have been able to obtain in FELA cases, but remember not to rely on this when valuing your case because every case is different.
  • Ask the attorney how much your case is worth. A lot of FELA firms will give you a “pie in the sky” figure so that you will hire their firm. Any lawyer who tells you what your case is worth at your first meeting is not being truthful with you! Without obtaining detailed information such as your medical records, and medical prognosis, building theories of liability, a past and future wage loss calculation and other elements it is impossible to arrive at such a figure.
  • Ask the attorney or law firm representative for a list of cases the firm has handled in the past. The railroad knows which law firms are experienced in trying cases and will extend higher settlement offers to those firms. In order to maximize your recovery you should hire a firm who is willing, able and has a track record to try your case, if needed.
  • If you decide to hire an attorney, make sure you get an explanation—and a copy—of the fee agreement. This is important to determine just how much experience an attorney or firm has with FELA claims.

Our FELA attorneys can help you recover damages if you’ve been injured on the job. We’re located in Colleyville, just outside Dallas, and serve the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Call us today at 817-380-4888.

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At our important first meeting, free of charge to you, we’ll listen to the details of how your accident happened, and determine whether a lawsuit may be right for you. If we can achieve financial compensation for your ordeal, we surely will. Our track record of results in North Texas injury cases proves it.

Contact us today by toll-free or local phone call, fax or e-mail. Find out why our law firm has become so well-known for putting you and your family's needs first. We'll aggressively seek full financial compensation for you.

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